Community Partners

Community Partners

Community Partners are groups in the Latin America region who share our event for outreach. If you would like to be a community partner, please contact us (data.umbrella.dei @ and we can share you organization name, URL and logo on our sprint website.

The event can be shared in one or more ways:

Data Umbrella is organizing a scikit-learn open source sprint, with a focus on * LATIN AMERICA * on June 26, 2021. This scikit-learn sprint is a 4-hour online hands-on "hackathon" where we work on issues in the scikit-learn GitHub repo to get started in contributing to open source in a structured setting. There is 2-3 hours of pre-work and participants will work with a pair programming partner during the sprint. This event is beginner-friendly and free. More information here:

PyLadies CDMX, enthusiastic women interested in learning Python, everybody is welcome.

Enable everyone to learn and practice AI/ML from anywhere at any time.

Comunidad Pyladies de la ciudad Santiago de Chile, enfocada en promover la participación y el incremento de más mujeres a la tecnología y el código con Python.

The Python Argentina community and NGO unites Python users and enthusiasts to promote the use of the language and the exchange of knowledge.

Lugar de encuentro de todas las personas entusiastas de Python a lo largo del país.